When you listen to the body it has a lot to say! To give a few examples each organ has a specific time when it is working most strongly. If you find yourself constantly waking up between 3am –and 5am each morning this can indicate a lung issue. Persistent indecision can cause a sprained ankle; a memory of an emotionally traumatic event can be stored in the body and pop up as a specific pain every time the memory is triggered. The liver alone is responsible for over 500 biological functions including fat and protein metabolism and breaking down drugs, however it also plays a part in our ability to process anger and to plan and see a path in our lives. The body and mind work constantly together, and what is happening with one affects the other. This is where BodyTalk comes in.

The BodyTalk System is a truly holistic, extremely effective, non-invasive and safe modality which identifies and balances issues in the mind/body which underlie breakdowns in health. Any health issue can be addressed through this system. BodyTalk addresses all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – and each session is completely unique to the individual. In a BodyTalk session the practitioner follows a comprehensive protocol of questions, using neuromuscular feedback to communicate with the innate intelligence of the client’s body. When the imbalances that are a priority for the client are identified, they are then permanently restored through a gentle tapping technique. BodyTalk is not a diagnostic tool, but the links that arise can often yield valuable information which the client can use to inform their journey towards health and personal growth.

With this system clients see positive and lasting changes in their physical, mental and emotional health, relationships and overall sense of awareness.

Or alternatively you can watch this short video clip explaining more about BodyTalk.